2019 Year Round Programs FAQs/Policies



  • We require completed registration forms and payment before the date of the 1st tennis class/clinics/lessons starts.

  • Email us 10 business day in advance if you plan to continue with additional sessions after your paid sessions are completed. We will need payment for the next session by the 1st class/lesson

How do we confirm Tennis Class registration or availability? 

  • Your registration is confirmed via email upon receipt of payment and completed year round registration.

  • Please note your phone-in or email registration request to save a space is only valid for 3 days from the date of the call or email.

  • If your class/private lesson slot is filled, you will be placed on a wait-list or pick another time/day for your class/private tennis lesson. We recommend you call or email us on availability before sending your registration.

What happens if I'm on a wait-list and a space opens up? 

If space opens up, you're next on the list, email notification will be sent to you. You'll have 3 business days to register for that class/private tennis lesson time/day. If you don't register, we'll offer the class or private tennis lesson time/day to the next family on the wait-list

What is the deadline for signing up for Tennis Classes? 

You can sign up for tennis classes as long as there's space available.  Complete your registration online and payment up until 3 pm on the Friday before the session starts. 

  • If there's space, we will email confirmation over the weekend before Monday. Hard Copy of the year round registration form and payment are due on the day of the 1st class before session begins.

How can I add more sessions to tennis classes?    

You can add sessions via online registration up until 3 pm on the Friday before the session starts. 

  • If there's space, we will email confirmation over the weekend. Payment is due on the 1st class before session begins.

Can I transfer my session to another student?  or another day? 

  • Tennis classes are non-transferable to another student or to another day. All unused class/lesson day(s) will be forfeited and cannot be carried over or to the next session regardless of the reason(s) for the absences

Can I make changes to my tennis classes to a different day or week? 

  • We require 10 business days before the date of the 1st class/lesson for any change request in advance via email. Please note all change request will incur a $25 change fee.

  • No Change request accepted less than 10 business days before the date of the 1st class/lesson and no changes if your student have already completed the 1st class/lesson. Your student will need to complete the number of classes/lessons enrolled within the consecutive weeks or forfeit the classes/lessons.

  • Please note there are no make-ups and the class/lesson and fees cannot be prorated for the missing days or if your child arrives late or leaves early.

  • Tennis classes/clinics/lessons must be completed within the consecutive weeks from the 1st class date register, unless otherwise noted on our class calendar. For example, if you have registered for 8 classes/lessons which starts on Monday, June 1. You will have the next 7 consecutive Mondays to complete the 8 lessons/classes purchased.

How do I cancel my enrollment? Will I receive a refund? 

  • 30 Business Days before date of the 1st class/lesson: Receive a full refund minus a $30 cancellation fee per class/lesson selection to be cancel. 

  • 10 business days before date of the 1st class/lesson :  Receive a refund minus a cancellation fee of $60 per class or lesson selection

  • less than 10 business days before date of the 1st class/lessons: No refunds 

  • Please note, the $30 enrollment processing fee with the initial purchase are non-refundable

We won't be able to attend all of the classes or lessons that we have registered for, is that OK? 

Missing a day means your child will miss critical skill/drills needed for their next lesson. Please note there are no make-ups and the class/lesson fees cannot be prorated for the missing days or if your child arrives late or leaves early. 

What should my child have for tennis?

Tennis campers will attend each tennis session ready to play tennis with their own tennis racket(s), wearing appropriate sport apparel, shoes, hat/visor, and sun glasses (optional but recommended). 

Please choose shoes that they can actually run side to side, forward and backwards that do not slip.  Keds and Vans do not work for playing tennis, plus they cause foot fatigue, soreness and more.

Since we are in the sun, please put on sun block (and more for reapply); and bottled water (32oz or more) to stay hydrated and energized throughout their tennis session. 

What happens to tennis class if there's rain forecast for that day? 

Rain Forecast can be inconsistent or different from the actual weather conditions.  We will not be able to confirm until we get closer to the day/time of the tennis class/lesson.

  • Check-in with us, 30 minutes before your scheduled time for the class/lesson to confirm if tennis needs to be reschedule due to rain or wet court conditions.

  • Please note, no rain-make-up credit will be issue if you cancel your class/lesson without confirmation with Go Go Tennis/ Go Go Academy 30 minutes prior to the scheduled class(s).

  • In the event of rain or wet condition, rain - cancellation with be issued with a replacement class for each Rain Credit. You will need to use your replacement class/rain credit within 1 weeks when class resumes or you will forfeit your rain credit.

A few other things to note:

  • FAQ/Policy applies to all class/clinics/camp/lesson cancellations and changes, regardless of original sign-up date.

  • All refunds will be credited via check method. It will take up to 10 work days for processing.

  • Class/Lesson fees cannot be refunded or prorated for missed days/times regardless of the reason(s).

  • Please do not send your child to class/lesson sick or injured, keep them at home so they can get better. Go Go Academy will reserve the right to cancel class/lesson for your child.

  • By registering your child with Go Go Academy programs, you agree and release all liabilities, and grant Go Go Academy the right to take photos of our class/camp participants and use them on the various media to promote our programs.