2019 Summer Camp FAQs / Policies


When are the times for pick-up or drop-off? 

  • 9:00-9:15 AM: Morning sign-in for half-day or full day camp.

  • Noon: Pick up for all Campers

What type of tennis activities are done at the summer camp?

  • Each camp day starts with a short warm up

    • We will focus on a specific stroke / game skill on each day . For Beginners they will learn the proper fundamentals on strokes and match plays. For the Intermediate and Advance players, they will learn to refine and make necessary corrections to their stroke production, shot selection and game strategies.

      • Monday - Focus on Ground Strokes. both forehand and backhand

      • Tuesday - Focus on Volleys and combination of Ground Strokes with Volleys

      • Wednesday - Focus on Overheads and combination of Ground Strokes with Volleys and Overheads.

      • Thursday - Focus on Overhead Serves and combination of all of the strokes .

      • Friday - Focus on Match Plays, Doubles and Singles

    • Campers will engage in fun and competitive games using the strokes/skills covered for each camp day.

    • Our goals is for each campers will learn the importance of proper shot production, shot placement. shot selection and expand their competitive match game knowledge

How do we confirm camp registration or availability?

  • Your camp registration is confirmed via email upon receipt of payment and completed camp registration.

  • Please note your phone-in or email registration request to save a space is only valid for 3 days from the date of the phone call or email.

  • If your week of camp is already full, please email us at Info@GoGo-Tennis.com with your wait-list request(s) or pick another camp week. As we get closer to summer, starting June, we recommend you call or email us on availability before sending your camp registration.

What happens if I'm on a wait-list and a space opens up?

If a space opens up and you're next on the list, we'll notify you by email. You'll have 3 business days to register for that camp week. If you don't register, we'll offer the camp week to the next family on the wait-list.

What is the deadline for signing up for camp?   

You can sign up as long as there's space available, you can submit your online registration form request right up to 3 pm on the Friday before the session begins.

  • If there's space, we will email confirmation over the weekend before Monday. Hard Copy of the camp registration form and payment are due on Monday morning, before camp starts.

How can I add more camp sessions after camp starts?

  • You can add camp sessions via online registration up to 3 pm on the Friday before the session starts.

  • If there's space, we will email confirmation over the weekend before Monday. Copy of the camp registration form and payment is due Monday morning, before camp starts.

Can I transfer my session to another camper? or another day?

  • Camp days or weeks are non-transferable to another camper or to another day. All unused camp day(s) will be forfeited and cannot be carried over or to the next session regardless of the reason(s) for the absences.

Can I make changes to my camp session to a different week?

We can make adjustments, space permitting. Email your change request by:

  • January - April : you can change your camp week or class selection with $20 change fee for each change.

  • May : you can change your camp week or class selection with $50 for each change.

  • After June 1: No changes accepted

How do I cancel my enrollment? Will I receive a refund?

  • January - April 30: Receive a full refund of the camp payments minus a $30 Cancellation Fee for each camp week

  • May 1 - 31: Receive a refund minus a cancellation fee of $60 per camp week

  • After June 1: No refunds

  • Please note the $30 enrollment processing fee paid on the initial purchase are non-refundable

We won't be able to attend a full week of camp, is that OK?

Our curriculum is carefully crafted to unfold over five days, with each day building on the one before it. Missing a day means your camper will miss critical elements of their lesson. Please note there are no make-ups and camp fees cannot be prorated for the missing days or if your child arrives late or leaves early. 

What's for snacks, water/beverage? Who provides it?

Currently, we do provide a small snacks and juice pouch to campers. If your child have specific dietary requirements, elease  pack a healthy snacks and drinks for your camper.  All campers need to bring their own bottle of iced-water (32 oz or more) .

What should my child have for tennis camp?

Tennis campers will attend each camp session ready to play tennis with their own tennis racquet(s), wearing appropriate sport apparel, shoes, hat/visor, and sun glasses (optional but recommended).

Please choose shoes that they can actually run side to side, forward and backwards that do not slip. Keds and Vans do not work for playing tennis, plus they cause foot fatigue, soreness and more.

Since we are in the sun, please put on sun block (more for reapplication); and bottled water (32oz or more) to stay hydrated and energized throughout their tennis session.

A few other things to note:

  • The above FAQ / Policy applies to all camp/class/lesson cancellations and changes, regardless of original sign-up date.

  • All refunds will be credited via check method. It will take up to 10 work days for processing.

  • Class/Lesson/Camp fees are sold in specific time/schedule perimeters and cannot be refunded or prorated for missed days/times regardless of the reason(s).

  • Please do not send your child to class/lesson/Camp sick or injured, keep them at home so they can get better. Go Go Academy will reserve the right to cancel class/lesson/Camp for your child.

  • By registering your child with Go Go Academy programs, you agree and release all liabilities, and grant Go Go Academy the right to take photos of our class/camp participants and use them on the various media to promote our programs.