Go Go Make & Build

Go Go Make & Build program aims to spark curiosity in kids. By encouraging students to ask themselves, "How does this work?" and "Why does it work this way?" we can jump-start ingenuity and innovation for solving problems without a "packaged solution." .

vending machine coin.jpg

Vending Machine:

(Ages 10-18)

Campers will learn to build a functional, coin-operated vending machine without the use of computers or electrical components. Using cardboard only, campers will create their table top vending machine and learn the intricate mechanical engineering process that enables vending machines to work correctly. 

DIY Letterpress:

(Ages 10-18)

Letterpress printing is an intricate process that combines art and mechanical equipment to achieve the tactile and delicate nature of physically pressing ink onto paper, creating a beautiful textural effect.

Campers will build a table-top letterpress  and learn the creative process of custom printing that gives character and charm to each of their projects.

Custom Action Figure: 

(Ages 10-18)

Join the fun and learn the art of making custom-designed action figures. Campers will learn to use various materials and methods to transform a store bought action figure into a one-of-a-kind collector's item.  The class will heighten the camper's sensory skills and  develop visual awareness to translate their concept into their 3D action figure.


(Ages 10-18)

Be a space-age farmer and learn to grow edible plants like the NASA astronauts. Campers will build a basic aeroponic system adapted for home use. The completed system will allow students to grow plants in air and mist environments which helps promote faster and robust plant growth with less water and energy usage. 

Campers can enjoy a year-round fresh harvest with their whole family!

Tiny Living- Micro Trailer:

(Ages 10-18)

Campers will learn home-building design principles to  build and create  a micro trailer or a mobile sleeping pod that is sized appropriate for one person.
By using everyday materials,  campers can personalize their micro trailer with creative accessories! 

Movable Toys:

(Ages 10-18)

Campers will learn to build a functioning multi-movement toy without the use of computers or electrical components. Using cardboard, campers will discover and learn intricate mechanical concepts of gear design and function that will enable the toy to move and function.