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Through our three programs, Go Go Tennis, Go Go Make and Build, and Go Go Outdoors, our students learn the fundamentals of tennis, discover how objects work in order to come up with innovative improvements, and participate in high-impact activities with a mixture of physical, emotional, and mental endurance with intellectual and problem solving skills.

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Go Go Tennis year round program is a great way for kids ages 4-18 to participate in group clinics or private lessons where they will learn the fundamentals of tennis, game strategies, mental preparations and emotional control which will enable them to compete competitively on their school team or in a tennis league.


Go Go Tennis  Students will learn the fundamentals of tennis in fun competitive games and drills.

Go Go Make & Build Students will participate in activities that have an emphasis on learning mechanics, like how things physically work, so they can build and make their own unique creations.

Go Go Outdoors Students will participate in activities with high, physical impact that can only be accomplished with a mixture of physical endurance, intellect, and problem solving skills.


Go Go Academy's after school program is coming Fall 2017!  We will have new programs from Go Go Make & Build and Go Go Outdoors. So, stay tuned!

Feature Posts

April 11, 2017

Would You Play More Tennis If You Could Just Play with All Forehand Shots? 

Many tennis player have an “OK” Backhand stroke, but it isn’t always considered to be a reliable stroke or even good enough to use as an offensive shoot. Some players, just rather avoid their backhands completely

In tennis, we all know that everyone’s biggest fear is letting their opponent know about their weaker parts of their game. Most common weaknesses are backhand returns shots.  The game score can quickly go south....

What's New

Online Offers Ends Sept 30, 2017

Tennis Camp

Online Offers Ends Sept 30, 2017

Free Tennis  Clinic  can only be use by 1st time student to Go Go Academy

Online Offers Ends Sept 30, 2017

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March 22, 2017

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March 14, 2017

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For Parents

March 17, 2017

Story behind Go Go Make & Build

Over the years, we've found that we have invested our time and efforts in teaching kids the emotional control and mental skills as part of their growing up, elementary through high school, as we are teaching them tennis.

We encourage, we motivate and talk through their gaps in life skills and risk-aversions, and come up with practical steps to focus and attain their goals with an achievable plan.

We reached back over our personal and work experiences......


March 7, 2017

Why Kids In The Digital Age Are Lacking Critical Life Skills

You might be wondering, “Why are kids nowadays lacking important life skills?” The introduction to affordable household technologies, like iPads, iPhones, fast wireless internet, and a vast amounts of accessible entertainment for people of all ages, has caused...


February 22, 2017

Do Our Kids Have What It Takes To Be The Game Changers Of Tomorrow?

It hard to figure out exactly what the right mix of academic and non-academic learning activities are that will help our kids grow into the innovators of tomorrow....