Story Behind Go Go Make & Build


Over the years...

We found that we invested our time and efforts not only in teaching kids tennis but also the emotional control and mental skills that are important for a happy and successful life  

We encouraged, we motivated, and we talked through their gaps in life skills and risk-aversions and came up with practical steps to focus and attain their goals with an achievable plan.

We looked back over our own personal and work experiences and used them to guide our kids to see things from a different perspective and show why it's important to keep trying to develop a "can-do" attitude and tackle problems from different angles.

It occurred to us that...

Most kids somehow managed to skip over the practical skills that would enable them to create, develop, or repair something useful or essential to solve their everyday problems.

Our kids are fed by lucrative industries that pump out "DIY kits" for just about everything.  Kits for making cupcakes,  mini-rover robots,  go-karts, and so on.  All of this prevents our kids from learning  what raw materials are used to make and fix things.  

At Go Go Make & Build...

We create a bridge between basic knowledge of how things work and the potential to re-imagine or re-invent it into something even better!

Our goal is to  "flip the switch" so kids can learn the practical skills to tackle the everyday problems or even be the "Creator" of something really new and important.