Spot Light - Tennis Coach Elviza

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In 2009  

My experience with Go Go Tennis began when I was a junior entering senior year in high school looking for additional lessons to improve my varsity tennis match play during the tennis season. I started off taking private lessons with Go Go Tennis and their instructors are phenomenal with a keen eye for proper form and tennis mechanics.

A team of Go Go Tennis Coaches made detailed and careful observations on my technique and footwork and offered step by step improvements.  

A learning plan was formed and after hitting a few balls, changes and adjustment to my stroke production to become more effective was made in incremental steps , like keeping my knees bent instead of popping up as I swing or hitting the ball at the right contact point when the ball reaches your front foot. No matter how many times it took for me to get it right, Go Go Tennis Coaching team was always patient and persistent until I was able to improve and....

....maximize my potential as a tennis player.

Even in the midst of my frustration to get it right, Go Go Tennis Coaching has always been caring about their students as unique individuals and knew how to lighten up the mood and make sure I was having fun in working through the obstacles.  The tennis lessons with Go Go Tennis not only improved my tennis skills but also gave me better strategies in match play by learning how to be more offensive and staying on my toes, ready for any shot that comes my way.

Today,  even as a post college graduate working at Genetech during the week,  I'd continued on with Go Go Tennis, currently as a Saturday Tennis Coach for Go Go Tennis.  The team at Go Go Tennis have continued to be great mentors to me by keeping me motivated and offering advice on and off the courts, boosting my confidence by acknowledging my strengths and providing constructive feedback on how to step into become a confident young adult and the Coaching role to teach and motivate the kids in learning tennis

Go Go Tennis’s mission for serving youth with a passion for tennis inspired me to also pass on the valuable skills I learned from them by coaching in tennis clinics.

They do a great job catering their lessons to each student’s personality style and always keep the kids moving.

The variety and consistency of warm ups and drills always keep the clinics fun and exciting. Coaching as part of the Go Go Tennis team has been and will continue to be  a rewarding experience giving back and inspiring the kids to have fun and play with a positive yet competitive attitude.