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Tennis Private Lessons
ages 4 - 18

One -on- one instruction is the fastest and most effective way to learn and improve one's tennis abilities.  Students will focus on specific areas of the tennis game and work on overcoming weaknesses so they can achieve their potential. Through drills and exercises, student's learn footwork, ball placement, shot selection, court strategy, and other important aspects of reaching a competitive level of play. 

Private or Semi-Private Lessons are scheduled by appointment, Monday - Saturday. 



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Tennis Clinics
ages 7 - 18

Tennis Clinics are divided into (3) main skill groups, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.  Students are grouped by age and ability levels the 1st day of class.

Beginner Tennis Clinics  are designed to develop early tennis skills that include ,ground strokes (stationary and moving), serving, volleys, overheads, and basic tennis  vocabulary. Class goal:  To maintain “full court” rallies and serve 1 of 3 balls into correct service box while using proper technique.  The clinic ratio is 8:1 (8 students per instructor)

Intermediate  and Advanced level clinics are designed for students to learn and perfect their topspin, under spin, sidespin, add and reduce the power to shots, and develop specialty shots. Program drills enhance quickness, balance, and racquet control for improved consistency and accuracy.  Class goal:  Develop foundation to become a well-rounded tennis player, successfully play singles and doubles matches,  and to play in local tennis leagues, school teams or tournaments.  The clinic ratio is 8:1 (8 students per instructor)

Saturday Clinics   9:30-11am at Aragon High School

Have Fun and Excel in tennis

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